Our most important goal as a skincare company is to help our customers feel completely comfortable in their own skin.  And so, we were inspired to sponsor a video, in conjunction with the filmmakers at Jubilee Project, called "Comfortable: 50 People 2 Question".  In it, we asked children and adults: "If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?"  The difference between the kids' answers and the grown-up's are striking, as viewers (more than six million views on YouTube) witnessed, and as you can see for yourself.

Our brand consists of a tightly edited range of products with a single mission: to soothe dry skin.  That's all we do, and that's what we excel at.  Each formulation - which can be used on face or body - is scientifically proven to smooth and calm, whether your skin feels tight and rough due to age or a parched environment; or it's itchy and painful as the result of eczema.  use daily after cleansing, within eight weeks you'll see - and feel - the difference.  To find the formula that's right for you click here.


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Australia Bellabox Australia online store www.bellabox.com.au. HealthSpace Clinic in Sydney (from Feb 1, 2015), details of all 10 clinic will be uploaded soon. China Institute of Pediatrics in Beijing, New Century Women's and Children's Hospital in Beijing Taiwan Taiwan BaiYuan Technology.  please email for stockist location www.ailife.com.tw.  Hong Kong Bumps to Babes Central and Ap Lei Chau stores www.bumpstobabes.com.


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Lucas Papaw Ointment

The hand fermented papaw ointment made to the original formula formulated by Dr TP Lucas over 100 years ago. Lucas Papaw Ointment is a proudly Australian made world wide proven natural remedy derived from fermented carica papaya. This active ingredient contains the naturally occurring papain enzyme which is medically proven to aid in the cleansing and treatment. 

Lucas Papaw Ointment is listed as complementary medicine with Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration under the listing number AUSTL 6445.

We are the official distributor for Lucas Papaw Ointment in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.  For any retail or wholesale enquiry, please contact us on info@inatureskincare.com

Watch the product video here