How does calendula heal?

You can find all sorts of trendy botanicals in beauty products, but we’ve designed our entire line around calendula and stuck with it. Why? Because it’s among the most hard-working, versatile ingredients we know. Cherished since the 12th century, calendula is said to have no fewer than 35 different healing properties, treating everything from snake bites to diaper rash. We can’t vouch for the snake bites, but we’ve found that it does wonders for diaper rash, and a whole host of other skin conditions. Here’s why calendula works:

Calendula soothes inflammation. Inflammation lies at the root of many skin problems, from acne to eczema to sunburn. Smooth a calendula balm (such as Calendula Repair) onto itchy, angry skin, and the calming effects are almost instant.

Calendula has antimicrobial properties. Scratching already parched or sun-damaged skin can make it more vulnerable to breakage and infection, but calendula can help prevent such complications from arising.  

Calendula is a wound healer. While more scientific research is needed in this area, calendula has long been thought to nurse burns (including sunburns) back to health more quickly, possibly by enhancing blood flow. Time seems to be of the essence. Submerge the injured spot into cool water, then apply a calendula balm (like Calendula Repair) within 20 minutes to encourage skin rebuilding. Calendula seems to promote collagen synthesis and potent antioxidants fight free radicals that cause wear and tear.

Calendula moisturizes dry skin. Its natural oils help parched spots feel less taut and more supple. The thicker the delivery system the more moisture it will seal in. 

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