How to destress before bed (with your beauty routine)

Unwinding in the evening isn’t always as easy as it sounds. With late nights at the office,  household chores, and, now, all the holiday madness, who has time for a yoga class or meditation? That’s why those few minutes you spend cleansing your face before bed are the perfect time to use as a nightly calming ritual. Here are some ideas for inspiration.

Dim the lights. Bright lights, like the ones typical in bathrooms, increase a feeling of wakefulness. Dimming them as the evening progresses, gently eases your body into relaxation and sleep mode. 

Consider an aroma diffuser. Diffusers (for instance, this portable one from Muji) are safer than candles, but still emit such calming scents as lavender, ylang ylang, or vanilla. Make sure it’s subtle. One that’s too perfumy can be distracting, not to mention irritating--the opposite of how you should destress before bed. 

Take slow deep breaths as you cleanse your face. Whether you’re using makeup remover on a cotton ball or a sudsy washcloth, pay attention to the sensation of it on your skin. Rinse.

Gently massage in your moisturizer. Continue with the deep breaths and stay focused on the sensation of your fingertips making small circular movements on your forehead, temples, cheeks, and so on. (If you’re using Calendula Nourish, notice how silky it feels as it dissolves into your skin.) Give tension spots extra attention.  

Finish off with additional deep breaths. Deep slow breaths help slow the heart rate, and a slower heart rate helps you drift off to sleep more easily. Now you’re ready for a great night’s sleep, and your skin is primed to undergo a night of healing.

(Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash)

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