How to get rid of chapped lips

Chances are, you don’t really think about your lips until they turn tight and parched. When that happens, it’s almost impossible to ignore. You feel it when you talk, eat, or basically move your mouth, which (as you quickly realize) is very often. The truth is, that hard-working area deserves some TLC.  Here’s what you need to know to provide it.

Apply lip moisturizer. If there’s flaking, gently exfoliate with a wet washcloth first. Then apply an emollient. (Of course, we like Calendula Repair--it goes on smooth and glides as easily on the lips as it does on your skin.) Apply throughout the day and before bed.

Drink a lot of water. Chapped lips by definition lack hydration. So keep a water bottle on hand. When your body has an adequate supply for your vital organs (that's priority, after all), it will delegate the remaining resources for your skin, hair, and lips.

Avoid cinnamon, citrus, and mint flavors. These can be irritating to chapped lips. Not only should you stay away from these ingredients in food, you should check that they’re not in your lip products either.

Stay away from matte lipsticks. Not only will they make lips look dryer, they will make them feel that way, too. Opt for a moisturizing formulation or gloss for dewier results.

Stop licking your lips. The evaporation of saliva exacerbates the dryness. If the urge strikes, get into the habit of swiping them with your lip moisturizer instead.

Protect your lips from the sun. When you go out, use a broad-spectrum sun-protectant lip balm with zinc or titanium dioxide or both. Don’t forget to reapply every couple of hours, whether you’re out on the ski slopes or the beach.

Photo by Jakub Gorajek on Unsplash

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