How to make the most of your sunscreen--lotions, sticks, and all!

While the air is cooling down here in Sydney, it's ever-so-slowly warming up for our friends in other parts of the world. You might not notice that the sun is stronger, but, then it hits you: A short stroll or jog in the park leaves you with a rosy, hot forehead and cheeks. Needless to say, it’s time to start stocking up on sunscreen. (And treat those accidental burns with Calendula Repair.)

For the best protection, go for a broad-spectrum formulation, which will shield you from both UV-A and UV-B rays. Consider keeping a range of formulas on hand—from lotions to sticks to sprays (especially if you’re using them on wriggly kids who prefer not to have anything to do with any of them). Apply them the right way, and you’ll keep your skin flake- and burn-free. Here’s what to keep on hand and how to use them.

Lotions. These are terrific for smoothing an even, controlled layer onto your face, neck, chest, and arms. They’re also great for swiping down tops of hands and feet. Lotions make it easier to get every nook and cranny in your fingers and toes, too.

Sticks. Use these to get tops and backs of ears –so you avoid any product glomming onto hair. They’re also a helpful option for under the eye and around the nose and mouth (especially helpful for kids who can’t stay still.).

Sprays. These offer a quick way to cover large areas, such as the stomach, back, and legs. Spritz onto body and disperse with finger—just as you would with the other options—for nice, even coverage.

(Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels)

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