Is your workout messing with your skin?

If your complexion isn’t as bright as it could be--and yet you eat healthily, and cleanse and moisturize with the utmost care--then you might want to take a look at your gym regimen. The truth is, hitting the machines or running path can block pores and incite breakouts if you’re not careful. The fix? Easy. Just a few smart rules can keep your face looking as radiant as you feel post-workout.

Take off your makeup. Or, if you exercise first thing in the morning, don’t bother putting any on until after you finish your workout. A sheath of foundation, concealer, and whatever else is on your face can trap sweat and bacteria and occlude pores. 

Keep your hair off your face. Tie your strands up in an elastic, or if it’s short, wear a sweatband. Hair is often a magnet for dust or pollutants, which can, again, block pores.      

Wash your face. While it’s tempting--especially after a quick workout--to get on with your day, it’s worth taking a moment to rinse any debris off your face. Use a gentle cleanser if your skin is particularly sensitive or flushed post-workout.

Moisturize. Finish up as you would in a typical morning or evening routine.  That means pat dry and apply face cream or lotion (Calendula Hydrate is lightweight and feels nice on warm sticky days; the richer Calendula Nourish pampers your skin in dry wintry air). If you’re heading outside, add sunscreen.

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

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