Q&A: Your burning questions about iNature Skincare

At iNature, we believe in being comfortable in your own skin. So we’re not in the business of synthetic ingredients that promise to eliminate laugh lines, lighten freckling, or coax skin into being something it is not. Rather, our gentle offerings are designed to help skin realize its best possible self. It’s that simple, but we understand you might have questions. Here are some answers.

What’s the difference between Calendula Hydrate and Calendula Nourish?

Calendula Hydrate is a light-to-the-touch lotion, so it’s easy to smooth onto dry arms, legs, and back. Added colloidal oatmeal helps calm itch. Calendula Nourish has a richer, cream-like consistency and it’s infused with twice as much calendula extract as Calendula Hydrate. It’s especially equipped to quench more delicate areas such as the face and neck. Jojoba oil and safflower seed oil help with extra moisture.

When do I use Calendula Repair?

Use it on spots that need extra help—like rough elbows or knees. It’s also soothing on parched lips. It has three times the amount of healing calendula as Calendula Hydrate.

Is your line organic?

Calendula Repair is 100 percent organic. Our other products, which are packaged in larger quantities, contain natural ingredients, but are not organic because we felt it necessary to add a touch of preservative to keep them safe and effective over the long term.

I have oily skin. Will this line work for me?

Dry skin is sometimes also oily skin because the skin tries to compensate for parched conditions by producing more oil. That said, choose Calendula Hydrate; it’s light so it will hydrate skin without weighing it down.

My eczema has healed. Can I still use this line?

Yes. Calendula Hydrate and Calendula Nourish are gentle enough for everyday skin maintenance. Just use the formulation that's right for your skin once or twice, instead of multiple times, each day. As a powerful antioxidant, calendula helps skin repair itself after sun exposure; it also helps to lock in moisture. Chances are, with daily application, you’ll see fewer flare-ups.

Is it compatible with a retinol product?

Yes. Before bed, apply your chemical exfoliator first, let it absorb, then apply Calendula Hydrate or Calendula Nourish.

What about sunscreen?

Absolutely. If you’re using a chemical block, apply it before our moisturizers, so it can interact with skin cells and do its job. If you’re using a physical sunblock, apply afterward, making sure the Calendula Hydrate or Calendula Nourish has completely absorbed.

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