Spring cleaning special: The best place to store your makeup and skincare products

If you live somewhere north of the equator, you're probably (finally!) enjoying the spring air and thinking about tidying up for the sunnier days ahead. And if you’re like most people, you probably have a stash of beauty products in you medicine cabinet. It makes practical sense: That’s where most of us wash and moisturize our face and where we apply our makeup.

But the truth is, it’s also the worst place to store your stuff—assuming you’d like them to last. The steamy heat from your showers can degrade active ingredients in your skin creams, cause powders to clump, and nail polish to apply funny. Sponge applicators can absorb the moisture and compromise makeup quality or invite microbes. By moving your beauty tools, potions, and lotions to a dry, dark, and (often) cool locale, you’d find that they’ll work longer and more effectively. A few suggestions:

Consider the bedroom. Treat yourself to a vanity, with drawers for your stash, or simply turn a small table into one by placing your stuff into opaque bins on top, along with a mirror. Keeping your products away from sunlight and a heat source (such as a nearby radiator) will prevent active ingredients from degrading and the formulation itself from separating, especially in the case of liquid foundations. (Plus, there’s something about a designated beauty space that makes anyone feel a bit like a movie star.)

Leave a beauty corner in your fridge. Gel eye creams, beauty balms, or aloe vera might get an extra feel-good kick if you chill them. (Calendula Repair is made for room-temp storage, but you can chill for a few hours before using on sunburn for extra relief.) Retinol and Vitamin C products actually last a bit longer if you make the fridge their home. And, of course, if certain products were chilled at the store before you bought them (for instance, all-natural masks or live-culture probiotic products), you’ll need to keep them in the fridge at home, too.

Save room in your beach cooler. If you’re planning to spend a lot of time at the beach or park, make it a habit to store your sunscreen with your cold beverages, as opposed to in your tote or your car. Not only will a well-chilled cooler keep the lotion from separating, it’ll feel refreshing on warm skin--and motivate you to continually reapply.

(Photo by StockSnap from Pixabay)

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