Step lively! Here's how to treat rough skin on feet

Soft, smooth skin on your feet isn't just about vanity. It helps shoes slip on more easily. And by getting rid of tough spots and particularly pesky calluses, you'll alleviate pain when you walk and put a spring in your step. So it's worth the time and effort to treat your feet on a regular basis. Here's how: 

File. A pumice stone (unless you have diabetes) or nail file will do. Don’t wet your skin yet! When skin is dry, you can clearly see and target rough spots. Smooth your skin down so thicker areas are in line with the softer areas, but don't overfile.  If you have a bad callus, consult your doctor. She may be able to shear away the rough skin with a scalpel and recommend medication (for instance, a salicylic acid solution or patch, some of which are available over-the-counter).

Cleanse. Rinse with warm but not hot water. Soak for a minute or two if you like. Then pat dry, leaving your feet just slightly damp.

Treat. Apply a healing balm (we like Calendula Repair, of course). Give it a few moments to soak.

Seal. Top with a thick nourishing moisturizer (such as Calendula Nourish) to give dry feet a one-two punch.

Photo by Abbie Bernet on Unsplash

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