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Calm your skin with these spa-worthy soaks

If you have dry, irritated skin, the wrong kind of bath--no matter how soothing to the mind--can make matters worse. ...

Dive in! Here's how to protect your skin from chlorine

What’s there not to like about jumping into a crystal-clear swimming pool on a warm, sunny day? The chlorine, that’s ...

How to get rid of chapped lips

If any part of your face deserves some TLC, it's your lips, especially when they're parched. Here’s what you need to ...

Happy travels! How to pack your beauty products like a pro

You can’t just throw your everyday tube of body lotion into your carry-on anymore. Here's how to pack your beauty stu...

These Are the Driest Areas of Your Skin

Your skin may be the biggest organ, but it’s by no means homogenous. Rough patches tend to develop in certain areas m...
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