The Glow Gazette

3 surprising wrinkle culprits

For soft, smooth skin that defies age, here's what you need to avoid (hint: UV light is only the beginning).

5 ways sleep can improve your skin

It turns out all sleep is beauty sleep. Here's why getting a solid seven to eight hours can add radiance to your skin.

5 sneaky instances that up your sun sensitivity

Are you experiencing sunburns and rashes despite being extra-diligent about sunscreen at the beach? Protect yourself ...

How to destress before bed (with your beauty routine)

Who has time to relax? You do--when you turn your nighttime skin care routine into a calming ritual.

Drink up! 3 skin-enhancing ways to enjoy your tea

Discover the health advantages of four popular teas, plus tasty ideas to boost their skin-enhancing benefits even fur...

Could moisturizing your skin actually prevent disease?

A pilot study suggests that keeping your skin healthy and hydrated might, in a small way, help prevent inflammatory c...

Spring cleaning special: The best place to store your makeup and skincare products

If you live somewhere north of the equator, you're probably (finally!) enjoying springtime and thinking about tidying...

Why good sleep is essential for great skin

If you cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize religiously, if you wear sunscreen, if you drink plenty of water—and a brig...

How To Stop Skin Itching At Night--So You Can Finally Get To Sleep

About 90 percent of people who suffer from chronic itchy skin feel especially itchy at night. Often it’s just dry ski...

The Secret to Glowing Skin

You can fake a glow with light-reflecting makeup, but why suffer the expense and effort when you can get truly lumino...
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