The best makeup for dry skin

Those of us with dry skin have a very specific makeup fear: the dreaded caking that makes our meticulously beautified face look like a mask, and one with every fine line and wrinkle showing at that. Thankfully, the right formulations will leave complexions looking as radiant come lunchtime as it does in the morning. Here’s what to keep in your (makeup) bag of tricks.

A seamless moisturizer. Your moisturizer should work with your makeup, and not against it. So find a formulation that sinks in nicely,  leaves no sticky residue, and yet leaves skin super hydrated (our admittedly biased recommendation: Calendula Hydrate or, for drier skin types, Calendula Nourish).  

A smooth makeup primer. Not a must, but helpful, particularly if you’re dealing with rough patches. Apply a thin layer over your moisturizer to help makeup glide right on.

Liquid foundation. As we cover more extensively in a previous post, the right foundation is key. A light versatile formulation will balance your skin tone without the clumping you'd get from stick and compact options. If you can find one that hydrates at the same time, that’s even better.

Liquid concealer. Creasing is typical in the under-eye area even if you don’t have dry skin, so it’s important to look for the liquid variety, typically packaged with a wand in a tube. Again, sticks, thick creamy types that come in a small pot, and pencils have more tendency to cake. 

Tinted lip balm. If your lips are parched, tinted lip balms slick on smoothly and yet add enough color to make your smile pop. You can also top with a colored gloss for a shinier look.  Matte lipsticks and pencils, both of which tend to cake and accentuate lines, should be used sparingly, on top of the balm. (For application tips, check out our previous post.)

[Photo by Anastasia Dulgier on Unsplash]

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