How To Shower If You Have Dry Skin

When it comes to a nice bath or shower, you can, in fact, have too much of a good thing, especially when your skin is parched. Water, soaps, and other aspects of cleansing can make dry skin drier.  But approach the whole affair with the right strategy and your skin will actually become softer. Here’s how:

Bathe in the evening instead of the morning, if you can. Your skin is in repair mode at night and it’s more receptive to the ingredients in your products.

Keep the temperature lukewarm and never hot. Scorching temperatures can strip away your skin’s own natural oils.

Skip harsh body brushes and loofahs. They can rough up your skin’s protective layer, causing moisture to escape. Choose soft washcloths and sponges instead—and use them gently.

Opt for moisturizing body washes. These tend to have a creamy texture. Avoid drying soaps and heavy fragrances.

Limit the time to 5 to 10 minutes. Those precious natural oils again! They can wash away.

Pat (don’t rub) dry with a soft towel when you’re done bathing. You want your skin to be a bit damp.

Slather on your body lotion or cream.  Quick, before the water on your skin evaporates! This seals in the moisture.  (Calendula Hydrate and Calendula Nourish are particularly good at this!)

Slip on your jammies in breathable fabrics (such as cotton) and go to bed. Let your skin’s natural repair mechanisms work overnight.

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