The glowiest way to apply foundation (even for dry skin)


If you have dry skin, then balancing out your complexion with foundation can get tricky. Pigments can collect in rough patches and fine lines end up looking more prominent. Thankfully, a few easy strategies can smooth out the application process. The key is in the preparation. Try these five steps for a look that’s luminous, and never heavy-handed.

Eliminate flakes. Aside from your usual exfoliation regimen, use a wet washcloth to clean your face, giving dry spots some gentle on-the-spot de-flaking. Pay particular attention to the tops of cheeks, around the nose, and other areas that tend to feel and look parched.

Moisturize. Choose a formulation that absorbs well yet leaves the skin supple (of course, we like Calendula Nourish!). Whatever you choose, give your product a few seconds to sink in. This will prime the skin for your foundation without leaving an oily look.

Opt for a creamy liquid foundation. These richer, spreadable formulations offer a natural, not overdone, look. Avoid oil-absorbing or waterproof makeup--all of which can sap moisture away from skin and accentuate dry patches. Sticks and compacts are also an iffy proposition--they tend to cake on dry, uneven skin.

Use makeup applicators. When you apply with fingertips that happen to be parched, they can steal the oils from the foundation, leaving less for your face. A makeup brush allows for a smoother, more fluid layer. Once you’ve deposited what you need where you need it, take a sponge applicator to dab and blend; use the edge to smooth the makeup around your eyes and nose.

Set it (or forget it). Add a light touch of translucent powder with a puff or big fluffy brush around the T-zone, though if your skin is super-dry, you may be good to go without it.

Photo by Thaís Sarmento from Pexels

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