These Are the Driest Areas of Your Skin

Your skin may be the biggest organ, but it’s by no means homogenous. Rough patches tend to develop in certain areas more than others. Here’s where they crop up most.

  •      Lips. Your lips have no sebaceous glands and they’re rarely protected from the environment. Worse, it’s exposed to potentially drying elements, like toothpaste and hot beverages.

  •      Elbows. There are sebaceous glands here but very few. Plus, the elbows are exposed to quite a bit of friction during the day, whether it’s from the table surface, armrest, or the fabric of your shirt sleeves.

  •      Knuckles. Hands—but particularly the knuckles—can get very dry particularly if your job requires you to wash hands often.

  •      Knees. Again, you’ve got very few sebaceous glands here. Yoga, playing with small kids, and other activities that bring you to your knees can exacerbate the situation. Like the elbows, the more friction they experience, the thicker and rougher they get.

  •      Feet. It’s not easy being feet, especially the soles, which withstand friction in your shoes and the weight of your body as you pound the pavement.

Give these hard-working spots extra care. Protect lips with lip balm. For elbows, knuckles, knees, and feet, slough off flakes a couple times a week with a gentle exfoliator. Moisturize every day with a hydrating balm (we like Calendula Repair of course!). Let it soak in, then add a protective barrier with a moisturizing lotion (like Calendula Hydrate).

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