This skin care regimen has got your back!

With brighter, warmer days happily here in Sydney (and holiday festivities around the corner), so are skin-exposing dresses, swimsuits, and bare backs. After hibernating all winter long, our backs might do well with some prep work before making an appearance. Consider these strategies for zapping back acne, rough regions, and other issues.

Find a cleanser that works for your needs. If you have back acne and are using a treatment to spot-treat already, then simply choose a non-medicated non-drying formulation (because you want to avoid overdoing it). If you’re prone to blemishes, but you aren’t currently using treatment, then you can opt for an acne-fighting body wash. If you have dry skin, look for a cream cleanser with minimal sudsing.

Buff. No need to go full-on with a loofah. A soft washcloth will do. Add a bit of cleanser (see above) and apply carefully in circular motions. Avoid back acne spots or other sensitive areas, though, or else you might inflame further. This step combines cleansing with exfoliation.

Apply a gentle moisturizer. Lotions that are too heavy or too heavily fragranced can lead to back acne or rashes (or make existing ones worse). Formulations that seep in easily and leave skin feeling smooth (like Calendula Hydrate) will keep the largest part of your body feeling smooth and well hydrated.

Wear sunscreen. Even if you’re just headed to work in that cute little sundress, be mindful of sun exposure. The large surface that is your back is vulnerable to direct UV exposure (and starting the warm season off with a burn is certainly no fun). So protect it with a broad spectrum sunblock with at least SPF 30.
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