Unleash your natural glow! Your best face-cleansing strategy

As all dry skin sufferers know, washing your face too zealously can make parched skin even more so. And yet proper cleansing is also crucial to removing the dead skin cells, dirt, and pollutants that keep your complexion from glowing. What to do?

In the morning, stick to a simple rinse (to wash off any sweat, dust, or oils that may have accumulated over the evening). Then pat dry, and apply moisturizer to skin while it’s still slightly damp. In the evening, though, take a more assertive tact:

Use makeup remover. Your regular cleanser can’t do a thorough-enough job, especially if you’ve got long-wearing or waterproof makeup.

Avoid hot water. This can weaken the skin barrier and make skin drier. Stick with lukewarm.

Opt for a creamy cleanser. A creamy cleanser won’t dry out skin like a regular or oil-free cleanser might.

Don’t scrub. Just distribute a dab gently around your face with a circular motion until all areas are covered, right down to the jawline. To get rid of flakes, such as around the nose, gently exfoliate with a clean washcloth. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Gently dab your skin with a clean towel or tissue. (Don’t use the bath towel!) Seal in moisture with face cream while skin is still damp—we suggest Calendula Nourish, the thicker of our two products, for dry skin; and Calendula Hydrate for oily.

 (Photo credit: Steve Johnson)

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