Why we think our little $19 tube is such a big deal

Some of you might be wondering: What exactly is in that little tube we call Calendula Repair? After all, it’s not a day cream or a night cream. Rather, it’s an ointment, but more elegant, which is why we prefer the term beauty balm. It’s 100-percent certified organic, meaning it’s free of pesticides, additives, fertilizers, or other  synthetic substances. Plus, it’s chock full of natural oils— jojoba, safflower, olive, rosemary, lavender, and sandalwood—not to mention also the most concentrated amount of healing calendula in our line. As a result, it’s versatile, too. Here are the many different ways it can help you take control of your skin.

Use it on sunburns. Infused with the highest concentration of calendula in our entire line, a layer of Calendula Repair will help nurse scorched skin back to health.                                                                                                 

Dry spots. A thin layer will help smooth elbows, knees, heels, and more--for extra help use in conjunction with Calendula Nourish. Touch up scorched cheeks, and you’ll have the added benefit of a dewy glow.

Chapped lips. Slick it on to moisten lips. Bonus: Your lipstick takes on a glossy sheen.

Rashes and itches. To the rescue, an intense infusion of calendula along with other helpful natural oils will calm troubled skin and nurse it back to health. 

Cuts and scrapes. As it will on burns, calendula will help mend broken skin so healing happens more swiftly.

Rough cuticles. Even the prettiest nail colors won’t look polished with haggard cuticles. A dab of Calendula Repair will keep them looking healthy.
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