Natural Scents and Sensitivity

Nowadays, many people use beauty products with synthetic fragrances without thinking twice. However, when considering what to put on the skin – your body’s largest organ – it’s worth taking a moment to consider that what you put on your skin may absorb into your blood stream and cause allergy. Now think about the man-made materials found in synthetic fragrances that you could be directly applying to your body – is it any wonder why people used beauty products with synthetic fragrances experienced allergic reactions, migraines, nausea and asthma attacks?

Natural plant scents have been scientifically proven to promote relaxation through aromatherapy. Brown University psychology professor Rachel Herz, Ph.D., said that “smell and emotion are intensely, intimately connected,” and by providing an olfactory experience that derives itself from nature, we want to bring our customers the accompanying experience of happiness and contentment to realize the full potential of the ecological benefits of our product.

At iNature Skincare, the scents being used are the actual, natural scents from the plant ingredients used in the products, giving each iNature Skincare product a unique scent from its unique ingredients. For example, our One Drop Hydrate has a slightly subtle, woody fragrance that can be smelled after the cream is rubbed onto the skin. The Two Drop Nourish has more plant essences, so it has a more noticeable natural aroma which increases the effects of aromatherapy in calming the mind and relieving dry skin conditions caused by stress. The Three Drop Repair is made from a 100% NASSA certified organic concentrated balm of calendula extract and beeswax (a natural substance made by bees found in bee hives), leaving a fragrant scent that doesn’t stick to the skin like an artificial fragrance. Our natural scents are incorporated into our vision of providing our customers an ecologically friendly, yet also psychologically beneficial, experience when using beauty products.