Why Jubilee Project made 50 People 1 Question with iNature Skincare?

As a child, I was convinced that if I ate enough carrots I'd be able to see through walls. As I grew older, x-ray vision was joined by a long list of things I wanted to change about my body: clearer skin, more muscle, slightly taller, etc.

That's why we made "Comfortable". The film is a reminder to us all that we were each beautifully and uniquely made. That's why we were so proud to work with iNature Skincare. Like Jubilee Project, they believe that we look our best when we are confident and comfortable in our own skin.

While shooting this film, I was reminded once again about the beauty of being comfortable in one's own skin like the children in the film. That's why I've stopped worrying about things I wish were different.

That said, I haven't stopped eating carrots. A boy can dream, right?

Jason Y. Lee
Jubilee Project