"Why did iNature Skincare asked 50 people 1 question? Our story"

As a skincare company, iNature Skincare made Comfortable: 50 People 1 Question with one purpose in mind: to remind people to feel comfortable in their own skin.  Our beauty is not at all about our appearances; rather, it is about who we are and about how we choose to perceive our beauty. You see this message from how strangely different the answers from children and adults in the film are. Children only wanted unrealistic additions to what they see as their already-perfect body, while adults recounted numerous things that they would change, such as their skin, stretch marks, and forehead sizes. If we once felt so perfect in our skin, just as the children did, why should we stop now? Feel comfortable in yourself, because natural beauty is ultimately about the way you feel.

It was a very pleasant experience working with Elaine and Jason from Jubilee Project to develop the film.  Also, a sincere thank you to Annette.