Our Story

When Julia Chan's son developed severe eczema in his infancy, she wanted an everyday soother that was natural and gentle enough for her newborn yet strong enough to relieve severe dryness, itchiness, and soreness.  When she couldn't find one on the market, she decided to create her own product.

With help from a friend whose family owns one of the largest tree plantations in Australia, she started learning about plant essences and extracts.  Ultimately, she discovered the potency of calendula and Indian sandalwood, two of the main ingredients in iNature Skincare.  She and her formulator (among the best she's met in the industry during her years as a skincare executive) added oatmeal as well - a proven ingredient with medicinal healing properties.  All three compounds - calendula, sandalwood, and oatmeal - are cooling and calming, with antiseptic and analgesic abilities.

The formulations made noticeable improvements in her son.  Instead of crying from discomfort, he'd let her smooth the cream onto his skin, which suggested that the formula didn't feel too tingly when applied.  New scratch wounds no longer appeared, which suggested that the itchiness has eased off.  Gradually, the redness disappeared, too, and the skin started to heal.  he also slept much more soundly and no longer required the use of a steroid.  Needless to say, the whole experience changed Julia's perspective on skin care.  Skin care isn't simply about how you look, but how you feel.  It's feeling comfortable in your own skin.  Julia became convinced that adults with dry, itchy skin could benefit from a gentle yet effective soother, too.

The first batch of commercial samples was sent for testing at the department of dermatology at the Capital Institute of Paediatrics, a teaching hospital in Beijing, where hundreds of outpatients are treated for eczema and eczema-like symptoms in the winter months.  The formulations have not been tested for stability but also efficacy.

Julia firmly believes that artificial ingredients exacerbate dry-skin conditions.  This is why she formulated iNature Skincare using organic, or at the very least, natural ingredients whenever possible.  as a company, iNature Skincare values transparency and honesty, so its ingredients are not hidden or written in small type, but rather, clearly stated and proudly listed on the packaging as prominently as the brand name itself.

All iNature Skincare products are made on a farm that is certified by NASSA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture).  The manufacturing facility is accredited by the Australian Government of Health's Therapeutic Goods Administration, and located 420 kilometres from Perth, in Western Australia, where you can find the cleanest water source.  This is important because water is a major component in producing skin-care products.  Quality water is necessary if those products are to be of premium quality.

Since launching in 2008, iNature Skincare has grown from being tested by friends and family, to being tested clinically on patients under the guidance and supervision of dermatologists.  Through the hospitals and clinics iNature skincare partners with, as well as its online store, the products have reached children and adults alike, not only in Australia, where the company is based, but also in the United States, Great Britain, Sweden, Turkey, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.